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SIGGRAPH Courses Notes 2005

1. Anyone Can Make Quality Animated Films! (The Eight Basic Steps to Success)
2. Introduction to Articulated Rigid Body Dynamics
3. Computational Photography
4. An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
5. "Madagascar:" Bringing a New Visual Style to the Screen
6. Advanced Topics on Clothing Simulation and Animation
7. Line Drawings From 3D Models
8. The Web as a Procedural Sketchbook
9. Digital Face Cloning
10. Realistic Materials in Computer Graphics
11. Recent Advances in Haptic Rendering & Applications
12. Introduction to SIGGRAPH and Computer Graphics
13. Modern Techniques for Implicit Modeling
14. Discrete Differential Geometry: An Applied Introduction
15. Crowd and Group Animation
16. Video-Based Rendering
17. Acting and Movement for Animators: Students, Teachers, and Professionals
18. Pre-Computed Radiance Transfer: Theory and Practice
19. Performance OpenGL: Platform Independent Techniques
20. An Open-Source CVE for Programming Education: A Case Study (and here)
21. Manifolds and Modeling
22. Résumés and Demo Reels: If Yours Aren't Working, Neither are You!
23. Taxonomy of Digital Creatures: Interpreting Character Designs as Computer Graphics Techniques
24. Digital Modeling of the Appearance of Materials
25. Open Source 2005 and Beyond: Thriving Despite the DMCA and Patent Threats to Linux
26. Visualizing Quaternions
27. Layered Manufacturing as a Graphics Display Device
28. From Mocap to Movie: The Making of "The Polar Express"
29. High-Dynamic-Range Imaging and Image-Based Lighting
30. Spatial Augmented Reality: Merging Real and Virtual Worlds
31. Computer-Generated Medical, Technical, and Scientific Illustration
32. Quantum Rendering: An Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Algorithms, and Their
Applications to Computer Graphics
33. Hot Topics in 3D Medical Visualization
34. The Invisible Actor
35. Developing Mobile 3D Applications With OpenGL ES and M3G
36. Spatial Displays and Computer Graphics
37. GPU Shading and Rendering
38. Introduction to Real-Time Ray Tracing
39. GPGPU: General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware

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