sabato 6 ottobre 2007

SIGGRAPH Courses Notes 2004

1. Real-Time Shading
2. Color Science and Color Appearance Models for CG, HDTV, and D-cinema
3. Introduction to Computer Graphics
4. State of the Art in Monte Carlo Global Illumination
5. Facial Modeling and Animation
6. Point-Based Computer Graphics
7. Seeing, Hearing, and Touching: Putting It All Together
8. Multiple-View Geometry for Image-Based Modeling
9. Photorealistic Hair Modeling, Animation, and Rendering
10. "Lord of the Rings": The Visual Effects That Brought Middle Earth to the Screen
11. Acting and Drawing for Animation
12. Art-Directed Technology: Anatomy of a "Shrek 2" Sequence
13. High-Dynamic-Range Imaging
14. Collision Detection and Proximity Queries
15. Shape-Based Retrieval and Analysis of 3D Models
16. Performance OpenGL: Platform-Independent Techniques
17. Unconventional Human-Computer Interfaces
18. Commodity-Based Projection VR
19. A Practical Guide to Ray Tracing and Photon Mapping
20. Color in Information Display: Principles, Perception, and Models
21. Introduction to Bayesian Learning
22. Projectors: Advanced Graphics and Vision Techniques
23. There Can Still Be Only One: Independent Animation Production for the Lonely
24. Enhancing Three-Dimensional Vision With Three-Dimensional Sound
25. Developing Augmented Reality Applications
26. Real-Time Shadowing Techniques
27. Level Set and PDE Methods for Computer Graphics
28. Real-Time Volume Graphics
29. An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
30. Visualizing Geospatial Data
31. The Elements of Nature: Interactive and Realistic Techniques
32. GPGPU: General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware
33. Crowd and Group Animation

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