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SIGGRAPH Courses Notes 2001

1. The Impact of Public Policy on Computer Graphics
2. Obtaining 3D Models With a Hand-Held Camera
3. Performance OpenGL: Platform-Independent Techniques
4. A Survey of Color for Computer Graphics
5. Visualizing Quaternions
6. Object Space Visibility
7. A Primer on Shapes: Curves and Surfaces
8. An Introduction to the Kalman Filter
9. Media-Rich Programming With OpenML
10. State of the Art in Modeling and Measuring of Surface Reflection
11. Tracking: Beyond 15 Minutes of Thought
12. Developing Efficient Graphics Software
13. Interactive Ray-Tracing
14. Image-Based Lighting
15. Visualizing Relativity
16. Gaming Techniques for Designing Compelling Virtual Worlds
17. Geometric Signal Processing on Large Polygonal Meshes
18. Using Tensor Diagrams to Represent and Solve Geometric Problems
19. "Shrek": The Story Behind the Screen
20. Advanced Global Illumination
21. Seeing is Believing: Reality Perception in Modeling, Rendering, and Animation
22. Intro to SMIL
23. Motion Dynamics Animation Workshop
24. Real-Time Shading
25. Physically Based Modeling
26. Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics: Overcoming Bottlenecks, Supporting Collaboration, and Stepping up to Wireless Connectivity
27. Augmented Reality: The Interface is Everywhere
28. Introduction to Computer Graphics
29. State of the Art in Monte Carlo Ray Tracing for Realistic Image Synthesis
30. Visibility, Problems, Techniques, and Applications
31. Computer Graphics for Large-Scale Immersive Theaters
32. Nonphotorealistic Rendering in Scientific Visualization
33. New Directions in Shape Representations
34. User-Interface Design for Work, Home, and on the Way
35. The Technology and Practice of Digital Cinema (D-cinema)
36. From Ivory Tower to Silver Screen: Visual Effects Companies Reveal How Research and Development Finds its Way Into Production
37. Commodity-Based Scalable Visualization
38. A Practical Guide to Global Illumination Using Photon Mapping
39. 3D Hardcopy: Converting Virtual Reality to Physical Models
40. Practical Parallel Processing for Today's Rendering Challenges (and here)
41. How to Give a Great SIGGRAPH Talk
42. Seeing in 3D
43. Aggressive Performance Optimizations For 3D Graphics
44. Advanced Topics in 3D User Interface Design
45. Advanced Issues in Level of Detail
46. Acquisition and Visualization of Surface Light Fields
47. Simulating Nature: Realistic and Interactive Techniques
48. Advanced RenderMan 3
49. Image Processing for Volume Graphics
50. Digital Geometry Processing
51. Making Motion Capture Useful
52. DirectX 8 Graphics
53. Geometric Algebra
54. An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming

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