sabato 6 ottobre 2007

SIGGRAPH Courses Notes 2006

1. Discrete Differential Geometry: An Applied Introduction
2. Interactive Shape Editing
3. GPU Shading and Rendering
4. State of the Art in Interactive Ray Tracing
5. High-Dynamic-Range Imaging: Theory and Applications
6. Illustrative Visualization for Medicine and Science
7. Beyond One Perspective: Using Video Camera Arrays for Graphics
8. An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
9. The Art of "Open Season": Traditional 2D Styling With Today's Bells and Whistles
10. Procedural Modeling of Urban Environments
11. "The Chronicles of Narnia": The Lion, The Crowds, and Rhythm & Hues
12. Digital Modeling of the Appearance of Materials
13. Surface Modeling and Parameterization With Manifolds
14. Fluid Simulation
15. Computational Photography
16. OpenKODE: An Open Mobile Media Development Environment
17. Physically Based Reflectance for Games
18. An Introduction to Sketch-Based Interfaces
19. Spatial Augmented Reality
21. Taxonomy of Digital Creatures: Defining Character Development Techniques Based Upon Scope of Use
22. Résumés and Demo Reels: If Yours Aren't Working, Neither are You!
23. The Web as a Procedural Sketchbook
24. Exploiting Perception in High-Fidelity Virtual Environments
25. RenderMan for Everyone
26. Advanced Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games
27. The Art of Story Telling
28. Recreational Computer Graphics
29. Geometric Modeling Based on Triangle Meshes
30. Performance-Driven Facial Animation

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