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SIGGRAPH Courses Notes 1999

1. Rendering and Visualization in Parallel Environments
2. 2D and 3D Image Registration and Image Warping
3. Introduction to the Java Advanced Imaging API
4. Practical Generation of Models From Acquired Data
5. From Fourier Analysis to Wavelets
6. Fundamental Issues of Visual Perception for Effective Image Generation
7. A Practical Guide to Global Illumination Using Photon Maps
8. Case Study: Scanning Michelangelo's Florentine Pietá
9. System Designs for Visualizing Large-Scale Scientific Data
10. Developing Efficient Graphics Software
11. Visualizing Quaternions
12. Lighting and Shading Techniques for Interactive Applications
13. A Survey of Color for Computer Graphics
14. From Concept to Creation in Two Hours: The Advent of 3D Desktop Publishing
15. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
16. When All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail
17. Non-Photorealistic Rendering
18. Introduction to Computer Graphics
19. 3D Computer Animation Workshop
20. Interactive Walkthroughs of Large Geometric Datasets
21. Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics: Overcoming Bottlenecks and Supporting Collaboration
22. 3D Geometric Compression
23. Virtual Worlds/Real Sounds
24. A Visual Effects Galaxy
25. Advanced RenderMan: Beyond the Companion
26. Simulating Nature: From Theory to Application
27. Smart(er) Animated Agents
28. 3D Photography
29. Advanced Graphics Programming Techniques Using OpenGL
30. An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL
31. Why Does it Do That? 10 Mysteries of Computer Artmaking Revealed
32. CPU Extensions for Graphics and Video
33. Modeling Techniques for Medical Applications
34. Developing Shared Virtual Environments
35. Motion Editing: Principles, Practice, and Promise
36. Physically Based Modeling
37. Subdivision for Modeling and Animation
38. Haptics: From Basic Principles to Advanced Applications
39. Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting
40. Introduction to Programming With Java 3D
41. Volume Graphics
42. Color Science for Film, Video, and CGI
43. Impact Papers/Course Sessions

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