sabato 6 ottobre 2007

SIGGRAPH Courses Notes 2003

1. Light and Color in the Outdoors
2. Fun & Games: An Introduction to Art-Based Game Modding
3. Frontiers in Perceptually Based Image Synthesis: Modeling, Rendering, Display, Validation
4. L-Systems and Beyond
5. Design of Interactive Multimodal Media Systems
6. Creating Advanced X3D Graphics
7. Real-Time Shading
8. Introduction to Computer Graphics
9. RenderMan, Theory and Practice
10. Theory and Practice of Non-Photorealistic Graphics: Algorithms, Methods, and Production Systems
11. Interactive Geometric and Scientific Computations Using Graphics Hardware
12. Physically Based Modeling
13. Beyond Blobs: Recent Advances in Implicit Surfaces
14. Tracking a Baseball for Broadcast Television
15. 3D Models From Photos and Videos
16. Geometric Data Structures for Computer Graphics
17. Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Digital Rights Management for Computer Graphics
18. Commodity Clusters for Immersive Projection Environments
19. HDRI and Image-Based Lighting
20. There Can Be Only One: Independent Animation Production for the Lonely
21. Projectors: Advanced Geometric Issues in Applications
22. The OpenGL Shading Language
23. Building Interactive Spaces
24. More Than RGB: Moving Toward Spectral Color Reproduction
25. Computer Graphics for Large-Scale Immersive Theaters
26. Performance OpenGL: Platform Independent Techniques
27. Global Illumination for Interactive Applications and High-Quality Animations
28. Post-Linear Digital Video: Editing, Transcoding, and Content Distribution
29. Clothing Simulation and Animation
30. Building Physical Interfaces: Making Computer Graphics Interactive
31. NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines): A Primer
32. Cross-Cultural User-Interface Design
33. 3D Hardcopy: Converting Virtual Reality to Physical Models
34. Photorealistic Hair Modeling, Animation, and Rendering
35. Plausible Simulation
36. Physics-Based Sound Synthesis for Graphics and Interactive Systems
37. SVG and SMIL for Interactive Multimedia Documents
38. Motion Dynamics Animation Workshop
39. Large-Scale Displays for the Masses: Techniques for Building Affordable and Flexible Multi-Projector Large-Scale Displays
40. Appreciation and Criticism of the Short Animated Film
41. Simulating Nature: Realistic and Interactive Techniques
42. Multiple-View Geometry for Image-Based Modeling
43. Mathematical Optimization in Graphics and Vision
44. Monte Carlo Ray Tracing
45. Perceptually Based Visualization Design

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