sabato 6 ottobre 2007

SIGGRAPH Courses Notes 2007

1. Computational Photography
2. Mesh Parameterization: Theory and Practice
3. Sketch-Based Interfaces: Techniques and Applications
4. State of the Art in Massive Model Visualization
5. Introduction to Direct3D 10
6. Anyone Can Cook: Inside Ratatouille's Kitchen
7. Introduction to SIGGRAPH and Computer Graphics
8. High-Quality Rendering Using Ray Tracing and Photon Mapping
9. From "Shrek" to "Shrek the Third": Evolution of CG Characters in the "Shrek" Films
10. An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
11. Practical Least-Squares for Computer Graphics
12. "Surf's Up": The Making of an Animated Documentary
13. A Gentle Introduction to Bilateral Filtering and Its Applications
14. Urban Design and Procedural Modeling
15. Example-Based Texture Synthesis
16. Practical Global Illumination With Irradiance Caching
17. Spatial Augmented Reality: Merging Real and Virtual Worlds
18. Résumés and Demo Reels: If Yours Don't Work, Neither Do You!
19. Sorting in Space: Multidimensional, Spatial, and Metric Data Structures for Computer Graphics Applications
20. Visualizing Quaternions
21. Database Techniques With Motion Capture
22. LucasArts and ILM: A Case Study in Film and Game Convergence
23. Geometric Modeling Based on Polygonal Meshes
24. GPGPU: General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware
25. Mobile 3D Ecosystem
26. The Morphology of Digital Creatures
27. Anyone Can Make Quality Animated Films! The Eight Basic Steps to Success
28. Advanced Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games
29. Crossing The Line: Moving From Film to Games (and Possibly Back)
30. Digital Art Techniques
31. Fluid Simulation
32. Interaction Tomorrow
33. Strands and Hair: Modeling, Animation, and Rendering

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